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Improving Ontario’s COVID Vaccine Rollout

Canada is 40th in the world in vaccination rollout and Ontario is in our third lockdown since the pandemic began. Clearly we are punching way below our weight in the fight against COVID.

Closing restaurants, health clubs, hair salons and small retailers is clearly not going to stem the increase in COVID infections. That decision is merely going to put those businesses closer and closer to the precipice of bankruptcy. Closing the entire province when the problem is in Toronto and Peel is also asinine. This punishes the entire province when the COVID problem is concentrated in two main regions.

We have protected our elderly and most vulnerable living in congregate settings through mass vaccinations where they live. Let’s now focus on the sources of the current COVID problem: the mass outbreaks in essential service workplaces in the hot zones of Toronto and Peel. Let’s immediately vaccinate all essential workers regardless of age, at their workplaces. This would include the Amazon warehouse workers, the Canada Post workers, the teachers and the meat packer workers. Let’s also focus our current vaccines on Toronto and Peel because that is Ground Zero in Ontario. You solve the problem there, it reduces or eliminates the spread everywhere else.

I cannot fathom how frustrating a province wide shutdown must feel like in Sault Ste. Marie or Sarnia. Doesn’t common sense dictate that we focus on the problem. My dad had an analogy. If Ford Motor Company had a problem in one factory, they would solve the problem in that factory. They would not close all the other factories until they figured out the solution for the one problem in the one factory.

Rather than close businesses that have nothing to do with increasing COVID outbreaks; rather than shut down a province where infection rates are low in most regions; rather than damage certain segments of the economy already teetering on the edge, why don’t we just focus on the problem. First, immediately vaccinate all essential workers regardless of their age. Second, focus the vaccines available to vaccinate those living in Peel’s and Toronto’s highest risk neighbourhoods regardless of age. And re-open the province, for goodness’ sake.

Those moves might at least demonstrate that we are still in the ring trying to knock out the foe using a modicum of common sense and a glimmer of intelligence. Imagine.

Improving Ontario’s Vaccine Rollout

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Amazon shopping in the age of COVID

I was never an online shopper. I always went to the store so I could touch and feel the products I was about to buy. All that changed with COVID. All of a sudden, I was forced to shop online. A whole new world awaited!

I have now joined Amazon Prime for the free shipping and other perks. I understand why Amazon’s stock has sky rocketed during the pandemic. What a fabulous offering.


During the pandemic, I have purchased a few products.

I needed a trunk liftgate latch for our vehicle. The mechanic told me he had to order it new but that I might be able to buy it on Amazon for less then he could install it. I bought it for $75 instead of the $300 that it would have cost new.

I needed printer cartridges for our printer. It is so frustrating to purchase a printer for a good price then to pay hundreds of dollars every time you need new cartridges. Amazon had them for a good price and they were delivered within two days of ordering.

I love to make pancakes for the kids. As a result I go through a lot of grills. When my old one’s teflon began to wear out, I bought a Sunbeam large grill that is perfect for a whole bunch of pancakes. It was delivered the next day.

I doubt I will go back to shopping in store now that I have discovered the ease of shopping on

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