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Amazon shopping in the age of COVID

I was never an online shopper. I always went to the store so I could touch and feel the products I was about to buy. All that changed with COVID. All of a sudden, I was forced to shop online. A whole new world awaited!

I have now joined Amazon Prime for the free shipping and other perks. I understand why Amazon’s stock has sky rocketed during the pandemic. What a fabulous offering.


During the pandemic, I have purchased a few products.

I needed a trunk liftgate latch for our vehicle. The mechanic told me he had to order it new but that I might be able to buy it on Amazon for less then he could install it. I bought it for $75 instead of the $300 that it would have cost new.

I needed printer cartridges for our printer. It is so frustrating to purchase a printer for a good price then to pay hundreds of dollars every time you need new cartridges. Amazon had them for a good price and they were delivered within two days of ordering.

I love to make pancakes for the kids. As a result I go through a lot of grills. When my old one’s teflon began to wear out, I bought a Sunbeam large grill that is perfect for a whole bunch of pancakes. It was delivered the next day.

I doubt I will go back to shopping in store now that I have discovered the ease of shopping on

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