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Norma Walton, Save by Sharing Your Space

On this episode of Norma Walton Talks, Norma Walton talks about way you can save money (or perhaps even make money) by sharing your space. Maybe you have extra space in your house or outside of your house like your garage or a shed. Maybe you own or lease office space or industrial space that you can share? Maybe you’ll be out of town for the weekend/week/month or longer and AirBnB is an option… there is so many ways we can share our space and benefit IF we can get past the whole “this is mine and I don’t want to share it” mentality. Do you have any other tips or way to share and save? Please #TalkBack and share those thoughts, ideas or even disagreements with me. Thanks


Norma Walton is an entrepreneur, mother, wife, friend and sister. When she is not working, Norma Walton – who is also a full-time mom of four young children in addition to being a real estate entrepreneur – can be found running after her children, trying to fit in a quick walk to the grocery store, or watching her children play hockey at the rink. She enjoys sharing her observations on life as they come to her and tries to always view the glass as half full.

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