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Charles Dickens was right

Charles Dickens wrote David Copperfield in 1850. In it, he introduced a character named Wilkins Micawber. Wilkins said something incredibly wise yet incredibly simple:

Income 20 pounds
Expenses 19 pounds
Result: Happiness

Income 20 pounds
Expenses 21 pounds
Result: Misery

That concept is fundamental to financial management. If your income does not cover your expenses, you will struggle in life whereas if your income does cover your expenses, even by a little bit, you will generally be happy financially.

When I apply that concept to my own life, I realize that I either have to earn more income or reduce my expenses when I am not in balance. The key is to make more or spend less.

Charles Dickens was right!

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Norma Walton Talks, Playing the Victim

On this episode of Norma Walton Talks, she discusses how you can tell if someone you are dealing with is “playing” the victim without actually being a victim.  Norma identifies four clues or characteristics that define people who like to “play” the victim for their own selfish motives and objectives, while at the same time sharing her experience with one such person.

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Norma Walton Talks, Six Signs of a Bad Business Partner

Norma Walton Talks about the six signs that you may have a bad business partner.  There are “red flags” that you can identify to avoid partnering with someone that will ultimately turn against you and try to destroy you. Certain characteristics are common. She shares from her own personal experiences.  She hopes you will talk back.